Elementary school kids show they have the “right stuff”

Revelstoke Elementary school children showed they had the “right stuff” to compete physically during track and field meets at Columbia Park Elementary and Centennial Park on June 3 and June 10.

The kids appeared to have a good time and certainly parents enjoyed seeing them compete. Despite that, the events lacked the verve and excitement that characterized the District Track & Field School Meets of yore. We do well enough celebrating our young children’s academic skills but very little to showcase their physical strivings. Perhaps it’s time we resurrected a full-blown District Track & Field Meet.

Here are a few photos of the June 9 800-metre races as well as PDFs of the results for 10-, 11-, 12- and 13-year-olds:

And they're off! Grade Five boys from across the city begin the gruelling 800-metre race on Friday. David F. Rooney photo
Grade Five girls blow past AHE Principal Tod Hicks and MBE Principal Rob Wilson during the 800-metre race. David F. Rooney photo
Grade Seven girls prepare to tackle the 800-metre race. David F. Rooney photo

Results for 10-year-olds

Results for 11-year-olds

Results for 12-year-olds

Results for 13-year-olds