Dogs love it raw!

Katherine Ladouceur poses with her dog Nigel outside Sangha Bean Cafe on Tuesday. Motivated by Nigel's problems digesting commercial processed kibble, Ladouceur has started a raw dog food business in Revelstoke. David F. Rooney photo

By David F. Rooney

Does your dog turn up his nose at commercial, processed kibble? Does he have gas, loose stools or diarhhea? If this sounds like your dog, you may want to chat with Katherine Ladouceur about the products she is offering through her new online business, Kat & Dog Natural Pets at

“We have an 18-month-old golden doodle named Nigel who had serious digestive problems: gas, loose stools and he really didn’t want to eat processed dog food,” Ladouceur said in an interview Tuesday. “I was in an out of the vet’s office for the first eight months and we tried all kinds of different food.”

Worried, Ladouceur spent a lot of time on line trying to find out as much as possible about her dog and his problem. That’s when she began to come across references to the raw food movement. She decided to try raw dog food to see if that made a difference. It did.

“Now he digests his food within a couple of hours, he doesn’t have gas and his stools are small and not overly offensive,” Ladouceur said.

So impressed was Ladouceur that when she and her husband moved here she decided to set up her own raw dog food business.

“To start I’m carrying a limited product line but I’d like to expand it dramatically over the next year,” Ladouceur said.

Like organic food for humans, raw dog food is somewhat more expensive. A large bag of processed dog food can cost a pet owner $75 or $80. An equivalent amount of raw food can cost $100.

“It’s a little more expensive but it’s indicative of what’s happening throughout our society,” she said. “People don’t want to eat foods that are loaded with preservatives and chemical flavourings. Our animals don’t want to eat that, either.”

You can find out more about Ladouceur’s business at her website: