BC Chamber of Commerce supports Revelstoke Chamber’s efforts to improve Trans Canada Highway

Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce delegates to the BC Chamber’s Annual General Meeting in Prince George have returned home flush with the knowledge that the provincial body and its members voted to support a resolution to improve the Trans-Canada Highway.

The result of two years of work, Revelstoke Chamber President Brydon Roe, Director Angela Waterson and Executive Director John Devitt presented a resolution, Improvements to the Trans-Canada Highway, to the BC Chamber membership on Tuesday in Prince George.

The resolution calls on government to upgrade the highway by widening and straightening it and by installing important safety features such as increased lighting and snow sheds.

“This will improve the Trans Canada to a standard that is safe, efficient and mitigates closures,”  Devitt said in a statement released Thursday.

Even though the Trans-Canada is a vital provincial transportation link that all southern BC communities rely upon “frequent closures, poor maintenance and dangerous conditions drastically impact the economy… by choking off delivery of goods and services.  This highway is a crucial and vital link to the entire province and we ask for support of this policy from our fellow members.”

The assembled delegates from 80 chambers voted unanimously in favour of this policy resolution and approved the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce’s motion to make this a transportation priority for BC Chamber lobbying efforts in the coming year.

“We are very proud of this outcome,” Devitt said. “This is the result of two years of strong leadership on this issue from the Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce at our provincial Chamber of Commerce.  This will prove to be a vital component of our efforts to lobby government to fix our highways and improve access.”

The Revelstoke Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business in Revelstoke.  The Chamber serves as a proactive, independent, member-based association, representing a collective voice of business to promote Revelstoke at a local, provincial and International level as a place to relocate, live, work and play, through business advocacy, economic development, membership services, tourism development and community improvement.