And they’re off! Check the Grizzly Bear Run results here

Competitors launch themselves into the annual Grizzly Bear 12-K Race at 9 am on Sunday. There were 70 men and women in the race and dozens more in the 4-K Fun Run. Revelstoke’s Jesse Anchikoski and Sarah Newton were the top local male and female runners. Anchikoski came in second overall with a time of 50:19:00. Newton was the fastest female. She came in seventh place overall with a time of 52:22:00. The race is part of the 2011 Canadian Tire Interior Road Race Series. The next big race is the Kelowna Midsummer 8-K race on July 10. David F. Rooney photo

With 70 runners in its 12-kilometre race on Sunday, the Grizzly Bear Run experienced its lowest turnout in over 10 years, which organizer Jarrett Spannier attributed to the non-appearance of elite runners from the Okanagan.

“Last year a course record was set of 41:45,” he said.  “Fastest this year was seven minutes behind that.”

Be that as it may, Spannier was heartened  by the 32-person turnout for 4-k fun run and it was “great to see that many kids out running with mom or dad.”

Here are the results for local runners:

Jesse Anchikoski  2nd overall 50:19

Sarah Newton 7th overall 52:22

Brittany Evans 8th overall 52:54

Megan Evans 9th overall 52:56

Gordan Mason 12th overall 53:25

Neil Robichaud 13th overall 53:54

Rob Evans 20th overall 58:54

Ben Parkin 21st overall 58:59

Todd Wolgram 27th overall 1:03:11

Mike Bernacki 32nd overall 1:04:28

Hanna Thomson 34th overall 1:05:14

Bob Rogers 36th overall 1:05:44

Alan Macleod 37th overall 1:05:57

Heather Cretelli 41st overall 1:09:53

Jennifer George 50th overall 1:13:27

Nadine Cameron 52nd overall 1:16:08

Crystal Robichaud 58th overall 1:19:51

Lisa Patry 61st overall 1:22:46

Philomena Gale 62nd overall 1:22:47

Robyn Abear 66th overall 1:25:16

Mary Webber 68th overall 1:29:57

Locals in 4 k:

Hayden Mallet 1st  17:25

Spencer Spannier 3rd 17:34

Nelson Luxmoore 6th  18:50

Beth Granstrom 7th  19:13

Elizabeth Elliot 9th  22:17

Barb Little 10th 22:29

Carlos Serrouya 12th  23:19

Alexandra Luxmoore 14th   24:52

Lindy Silano 15th  27:03

Ali Pilon 16th  28:46

Lily Michaels 17th  28:47

Kate Granstrom 18th 29:14

Rosemary Kelsall 19th 29:20

Jacyln Elliot 20th  31:47

Devyn Gale 21st  32:22

Brodie Patry 22nd  32:36

Nolan Gale 23rd  32:36

Donnie Robichaud 26th 34:48

Sydney Musseau  29th 39:35

Kayln Gale 30th  51:47

Brennan Patry 31st  51:47