NDP seeks provincial pesticide act reform

BC New Democrats have once again introduced legislation that will adopt a position widely held by Kootenay communities by banning the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides.  The Cosmetic Pesticide and Carcinogen Control Act, 2011 will provide local communities with the support they have requested in getting harmful chemicals off store shelves, says Columbia River – Revelstoke MLA Norm Macdonald.

“Communities like the District of Invermere led the way in banning cosmetic pesticides but have always stated that a province-wide ban was also needed,” Macdonald said.

“Individual communities are providing all the leadership that they can, but municipal by-laws can only provide a patchwork.  Only the province can provide the needed legislative consistency that will protect all British Columbians from exposure to unnecessary chemicals and pesticides.”

The communities of Golden and Kimberley have also enacted a cosmetic pesticide ban, and Revelstoke is in the process of passing a bylaw.

“It is because of the hard work and commitment of local activists and the Canadian Cancer Society that local communities have been able to take this important step,” he said.

“The Opposition has put forward this legislation on two previous occasions, but the BC Liberals have simply ignored it.  Premier Clark claims that she supports a ban on cosmetic pesticides, so now it is time for her to put her support into action.  It’s time to pass the Opposition’s Cosmetic Pesticide Control Act.”