Meet Meghan MacIsaac

Meet Meghan MacIsaac. She has a long and cumbersome title — Recreational Facility and Program Coordinator RFPC) — but we can all think of her as Heather Duchman's replacement as the Parks, Recreation and Culture Department's programmer. Certainly, she has an engaging and upbeat personality like Heather and while she has a way to go before she knows as much about the city and its residents as Heather, Meghan is ambitious and willing to learn. An anthropologist originally from tiny Shelton Beach, PEI, she has been here for a couple of years and her son, Sammy, was born here "so he's a local," she laughs. "I'm really excited because I'm going to be here a long time. I want my son to grow up here. I just hope I can do as good a job as Heather." David F. Rooney photo