How our students voted

That student vote last week yielded some interesting results locally and nationally.

At least two of our local schools participated in the national Student Vote program, which helps students learn about Canadian democracy through in-school programs, including parallel elections staged using real Elections Canada voting screens, ballot boxes and other materials. (Click here to read The Current’s previous story on the program.)

Here are the results for Mountain View Elementary School:

  1. Mark Shmigelsky            NDP                             26
  2. Bill Green                          Green Party                 20
  3. David Wilks                      Conservative              13
  4. Betty Aitchison                 Liberal                          5
  5. Brent Bush                         Independent                5

At Arrow Heights Elementary students voted for:

  1. Mark Shmigelsky         NDP                           16
  2. Bill Green                        Green Party                 9
  3. David Wilks                    Conservative              8
  4. Betty Aitchison               Liberal                        4
  5. Brent Bush                       Independent              0

Spoiled votes: 1 (they didn’t write anything)

National Student Vote Results:

Party                                    Seat Count                        Vote Count                   Vote Percentage

  1. Conservative                     128                                    150,636                         30.8%
  2. NDP                                    113                                     127,007                        26%
  3. Liberal                                 48                                       97,359                        19.9%
  4. Bloc Quebecois                    5                                         5,836                           1.2%
  5. Green Party                          5                                       84,848                        17.4%
  6. Other                                    –                                         23,469                           4.8%

Totals:                                             299                                    489,155                        100%


The actual election saw these results (Please note that some of these parties are strictly regional.):


Animal Alliance/Environment Voters00.01,4510.0
Bloc Québécois41.3889,7886.0
Canadian Action Party (CAP)00.02,0300.0
Christian Heritage Party Canada (CHP Canada)00.019,2180.1
First People’s National Party (FPNP)00.02280.0
Green Party10.3576,2213.9
NDP-New Democratic Party10233.14,508,47430.6
No Affiliation00.09,3910.1
Progressive Canadian) PC Party00.05,8380.0
Pirate Party00.03,1980.0
Radical Marijuana00.01,8640.0
United Party00.02940.0
Western Block (WB) Party00.07480.0
Total number of valid votes:14,720,580

According to Elections Canada 14,720,580 out of 23,971,740 registered voters cast ballots. That’s a voter turn out of 61.4%.

Click here to learn more about the Student Vote program.

Click here to go to Elections Canada.