Fearful of flooding? Don’t worry

The City is warning members of the public to stay away from the edges of rivers and creeks and teach their children how to practice “flood safety.”

“Take caution by keeping back from creeks and rivers as rushing water can undermine banks,” says a statement issued by the City.  “Teach your children about flood safety.”

It said flooding is a natural occurrence this time of year and is compounded by warm weather melting the snowpack at higher elevations along with alternating rain.

“City staff will be monitoring the Illecillewaet River and culverts located in creeks during the freshet,” the statement said. “The City does not anticipate evacuations.  Should you view plugged culverts or have concern with creeks and rivers overflowing, please contact Public Works at 250-837-2001 during regular work hours or by calling 911 in case of emergency.”

The statement said it is prudent to have an emergency plan for your household.  Information about personal emergency preparedness is available at www.pep.bc.ca.

The City will advise the public of any flood advisories through the local radio and news media.  Additionally, the public can also find any flood advisories on the City’s website at www.cityofrevelstoke.com and the City and Columbia Shuswap Regional District Area ‘B’ emergency website at www.revemergency.com.