Enough votes and we can make the TCH the WORST ROAD IN BC!

The British Columbia Automobile Association wants to know who has the worst road in the province.

Between now and May 24, British Columbians are invited to vote online for what they believe is the worst road.

Lauren Purchase tipped me off about this and suggested maybe Revelstoke could win some badly needed attention.

“Revelstoke’s chunk of Hwy 1 is #27,” she said in an e-mail to The Current. “Maybe if we make top 20 our road will get a little TLC quicker! Thought you might be able to help spread the word.”

Well, sure we can, Lauren, and why not?

Here’s what the BCAA contest says:

“Vote for the Worst Road in B.C. by May 24, 2011
“Poor road conditions—pot holes, crumbling asphalt and traffic congestion—can cause costly wear and tear on vehicles. They’re also unsafe—for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians—and bad for the environment.

“From now until May 24th, you can help pave the way to better roads. All you have to do is cast your vote for the worst road in B.C. We’ll gather the results and share them with the municipalities and/or the provincial ministry of transportation and infrastructure.”

You can help make our piece of the Trans-Canada Highway BC’s worst road by clicking here and following the BCAA’s directions.