Dancing for the delight of it!

The young students in Jennifer Crockford’s Revelstoke Dance Centre held a dance recital on Saturday to a packed audience at the Community Centre.

Here are a few photos of their performance:

Kids learning modern dance through Jennifer Crockford's Revelstoke Dance Centre put on a dance recital to demonstrate their abilities on Saturday evening. This is a scene from the first presentation, called Jungle Nights. The dancers were Sabine Tomm, Adelaide Dunkerson, Abby Maloney, Aiden Ronan, Chiara Donato, Rebecca Brosch, Gisele Atkinson and Kimberley McKee. David F. Rooney photo
These little pixies — Brennan Patry, Brooklynn Webber, Madelaine Hobgood and Sophia Page — certainly made the audience smile with their performance of Can't Jump Josie. David F. Rooney photo
Kim McKee's and Giselle Atkinson's performance of Don't Let Your Feet Touch the Ground drew an admiring audience of young dancers who peeped at them from off-stage. David F. Rooney photo