Beruschi playground dedication was a family affair

Pierre Beruschi loved seeing children at play and that deep appreciation for the innocence of childhood impelled him to create a park on Second Street West that remains, to this day, a place where you can hear the happy sound of children at play.

“My father was born in 1915 and his father left him this piece of property,” his daughter Maureen said at a dedication ceremony for a new set of playground equipment for the park.

She said her father loved to see children at play so much that he left it as a park and playground where boys and girls would continue to have fun.

Although it was a rainy day, the dedication ceremony on Monday afternoon was a joyous occasion attended by dozens of well-wishers. There was, of course, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a cake cutting and plenty of cookies and refreshments, too.

Here are a few photos from the event that we thought you would enjoy:

Members of the Beruschi family, Anthony, David and Maureen and members of the family's younger generation Benjamin and Theodora, gathered with Tracy Spannier, Linda Chell and dozens of well-wishers for the dedication of new playground equipment at Beruschi Park on Monday. David F. Rooney photo
Maureen Beruschi (left) encourages her niece as she cuts the ribbon inaugurating the new playground. David F. Rooney photo
Cell phone cameras capture the cake cutting at the dedication of Beruschi Park's new playground equipment. David F. Rooney photo