Arts Centre celebrates 100 years of BC parks with a special environmental art project

To celebrate 100 years of provincial parks, the Revelstoke Visual Arts Society has organized an exciting environmental art project at Blanket Creek Provincial Park.

In an e-mail to RVAS members, Arts Centre Director Jackie Pendergast said participating artists will, using found material in the park, create designs or sculptures, photograph them and return the collected material to its original site.

Each artist will select one of their images to be produced on canvas, which will be displayed in an exhibition at the Gallery October 7 until November 4. The canvas will become the property of the artist at the end of the project.

Local artists unsure what environmental art looks like can google “Andy Goldsworthy” or “Martin Hill” for some fantastic examples and inspiration.

The project is open to fifteen members of RVAS. Selection will initially be on a first-come/first-served basis. If more than 15 artists apply a selection process will be undertaken.


  • Each artist requires a digital camera.
  • Each artist commits to attending a workshop on Sunday June 5t from 10 am until 4 pm. (Packed lunch required). During the workshop we will view a DVD by Andy Goldsworthy, look at work by Martin Hill and discuss the project. We will then create pieces of environmental art in the grounds around the Centre. In the afternoon Jason Keerak will lead a training session on the best ways of photographing the art.
  • Each artist will visit Blanket Creek Provincial Park as part of a group or individually. (Dates to be arranged)
  • Each artist will create a piece of environmental art, photograph it and submit one image to Visual Arts Centre Director Jackie Pendergast by August 31.
  • Each artist is expected to attend the opening reception on Friday  October 7.

Jackie says she has secured funding for this project so there will be no cost to the participating artists. Interested artists should send an e-mail to or telephone 250-814-0261 by Friday, May 13.