A Nourishing moment at Cooper’s

Cooper's new manager, Ben Harrack, poses with Patti Larson, manager of the Community Connections Food Bank in front of a display of Nourish, a special new product from Campbell Canada. The food giant calls this a complete meal in a can and for every can of Nourish sold it will donate a can to Canadian food banks. David F. Rooney photo

As the Community Connections Food Bank struggles to help people in need a food industry giant, Campbell Canada, is rolling up its sleeves to help.

Campbell Canada has created a new product called Nourish that comes in two varieties — Chicken and Bean and Six Grain with Vegetables — and for every can purchased by Canadian consumers it will donate a can to Food Banks Canada, which will distribute the cans across the country,

Cooper’s Foods has cases of this product for sale for people who want a smart way to help the Food Bank.

You can find out more about Nourish at the Campbell Canada Facebook page or you can talk to Patti herself when she appears at Coopers on May 25 from 4 until 5 pm to promote the Nourish Soup Campaign.