The Community Foundation has a new environmental fund

Are you interested in…

  • Reducing community use of pesticides and herbicides?
  • Developing clean energy sources?
  • Wildlife sustainability?
  • Waste reduction?
  • Safe, clean air and water?
  • Land reserve stewardship?

If these are among your passions then you will be interested in the following announcement:

The Revelstoke Community Foundation is pleased to announce that it is establishing a Community Environmental Fund.

This fund will be used to support environmental initiatives in our community. Monies earned by this fund will eventually help the knowledgeable organizations that work in the environmental sector.

The capital in the fund will not be encroached thus making it a perpetual gift to the Revelstoke community. To kick-start the fund, the directors of the Revelstoke Community Foundation voted at their March 8 meeting to allocate $1,000 from the general community fund to the new fund.

Please watch for additional details as the Revelstoke Community Foundation embarks on a public fundraising initiative.

For more information please contact Revelstoke Community Foundation Chairman Steven Hui at 250-837-1096.