That injured moose appears to be recovering

By David F. Rooney

That injured moose that has sought sanctuary at the Golf Club appears to be recovering, says Bob Tippe, the Columbia Park resident who has been feeding it every day for the last couple of weeks.

“It’s got a real appetite now,” he said Monday. “I think it has a fighting chance now.”

Tippe said the cow moose has been eating increasing amounts of the poplar and willow bark and young branches that he has been putting out for it. And its leg may be healing.

“I think it’s broken but these animals are tough,” he said.

Given enough food and stress-free time the break or fracture should heal, he said.

However, he said the animal needs peace and quiet in order for that to happen. Ideally, people who habitually let their dogs run free on the golf course will find another place to give their canines some freedom.

“I hope you’ll tell people not to take their dogs to the golf course,” he said.

That’s good advice.