Our dirty story strikes a chord

Love your story (The straight poop — a scatological tale of Revelstoke), it is so true.

Here is my gripe.  I don’t know whether it needs follow up.

Two or three of us walk every afternoon, west on Big Eddy Rd, up past the two rail crossings to the No. 1 Highway. We do about 4 km up and back (we like the hill climb). We pretty well always have a bag in our pocket to pick up beer and pop cans, Tim Horton cups, A&W food wrappers, etc.  There is of course, dog poo, but what we also have is people who have a large accumulation of “poo” at home over the winter, or whenever, loading it into a trailer or pickup and dumping it beside the road  where we walk. Unbelievable!  We ever witnessed it being dump a couple of times. Sometimes it is large garbage bags and last summer it was in plastic five-gallon dog food pails,  which of course don’t rot.

Well, today (Wednesday, April 6) took the cake! (Getting away from the dog poo.)

As the snow has been melting I have been picking up all these bits of garbage, even down to candy wrappers. It looked real good on Tuesday, except for what I can’t reach over the snow banks. Then somebody last night dumped a whole load of garbage at the second rail crossing, right where the rail crews have to get on and off the trains to change crews. There is everything, broken glass windows, rotten wood, cans and bottles, plastic, a pillow and dirt. It is quite a picture, even though I didn’t have a camera. Usually, they dump the garbage over the bank of the road, but with all the snow they just left the mess in the middle of the road. We looked for evidence of an address or old mail but nothing we could find. We were so disgusted we turned around and went home.


Bill Gill