Local Masters’ swimmers post impressive results at the Provincials

Graham Gale, Peter Atkinson, Jeff Beatty, Nadia Salon, Rosemary Kelsall, Lawrence Davies and Alex Szirma pose for the camera at the Provincials. Photo courtesy of Rosemary Kelsall
Revelstokian Peter Atkinson is ready to launch himself backwards in Lane 7 during a Provincial Championship race. Rosemary Kelsall photo

By Rosemary Kelsall
Revelstoke Masters Swim Club

Seven swimmers from Revelstoke Masters Swim Club toook part in the three-day BC Masters Provincials Swimming Championship Meet at the Kelownas H2O Centre April 15-17.

Revelstoke was one of 30 clubs represented with over 230 swimmers age 18-90+ taking part. The Revelstoke Club placed  an inspring 11th of the 30 clubs.

Among the Revelstoke athletes were swimmers who have been competing regularly as well as swimmers who haven’t competed in a swim meet before or hadn’t competed for decades. Swimmers took part in up to 7 individual events as well as relays. The meet was a chance to test fitness, try new skills and events, and enjoy the comradiship and be inspired by teammates and like minded people from all over the province.

In May 2012  the yearly Canadian Masters Swimming Championships will be held in Kelowna. It will be a wonderful opportunity for local swimmers whether they be seasoned veterans or rookies to the sport to enjoy a large meet close to home. Over 1000 swimmers from across Canada will be expected. Later this summer Lawrence Davies will be competing in the seniors games.

Revelstoke Masters, currently with over 20 members will continue to have practices from 7-8:15 pm on tuesday and thursdays. Coach Jeff Beatty leads the practices. New members are always welcome and can come try out the practices for a couple weeks without committing.The new session goes from May through June and is a good way to get stroke improvement and improve fitness Some swimmers will be preparing for the coming open water and triathalon season. Swimmers of mixed abilities are welcome whether they are interested in recreation and fitness or competing. For more information contact Rosemary Kelsall 837-7081 or show up on deck before practice and talk to Jeff.

Full results for the Revelstoke swimmers

  • Alex Szirmai (age 50-54) 3rd 50m back, 2nd 100mfly, 2nd 200m fly, 3rd 50m fly 2nd 100m IM, 1st 200m IM.
  • Jeff Beatty (age 45-49) 4th 400m free, 3rd 800m  free, 3rd 1500m free, 5th 100m IM
  • Lawrence Davies (age 70-74) 3rd 50m breast, 4th 50m free, 2nd 50m back
  • Graham Gale (age 40-44) 2nd 50m  fly,2nd 100m back, 2nd 800m free, 7th 200m IM, 5th 100m IM, 5th 100m Free
  • Peter Atkinson (age 40-45) 5th 50m  breast, 5th 50m back, 3rd 50 m fly, 6th 50 m free,8th 100m free, 5th 200m free
  • Nadia Salon 1st 100m IM, 1st 50m fly, 1st,50m back, 1st 50m breast, 1st 100m fly
  • Rosemary Kelsall (age 45-49) 1st 100m back, 2nd 100m free, 1st 100m IM, 1st 100m breast, 1st 50 m free, 2nd 200m IM, 1st 200m breast
  • !st place age 160-199 400 mixed medley relay  Szirmai,Kelsall, Salon, Atkinson
  • 1st place age 160-199 200 mixed medley relay Salon, Szirmai, Gale, Kelsall
  • 5th place age 200-239  200 mens relay Atkinson, Beatty, Gale, Davies
  • 6th place age 200-239 mens medley relay  Atkinson, Beatty, Gale, Davies
Revelstoke Masters' Swim Club Coach Jeff Beatty, poised in Lane 6, readies to launch himself during a race at the recent Provincial Championships. Rosemary Kelsall photo