Mayor Raven philosophical about the budget

By David F. Rooney

Mayor David Raven is philosophical about the City budget that has excited so much discussion in recent weeks and, in an interview this week on RCTV’s Channel 6, hopes Revelstokians will continue to offer Council constructive opinions and ideas about spending.

“We wanted a transparent and open government, we’ve got an open and transparent government,” he said in the interview with me on the program, In Conversation.

Raven said that was reflected in the participation by six business owners and residential property owners in this year’s budget process.

“I would really hope we do the focus group exercise again,” he said.

The draft budget raises property taxes by four per cent. The City has released it for public review and comment. You can read about the budget here and you can peruse the actual document here.

You can watch the interview on Channel 6 on:

  • Thursday March 3 – 3 pm, 7 pm, 10 pm
  • Friday March 4 – 8 am, 12 noon, 5p m
  • Saturday March 5 – 10 am, 8 pm
  • Sunday March 6 – 11 am, 2 pm