If in doubt… clear it off!

Workers were busy clearing snow from the roofs of several City-owned buildings on Wednesday, including the Community and Aquatic Centres, the RCMP detachment and the Fire Hall. So far, there have been at least seven — and possibly nine — roof collapses, mostly carports, across Revelstoke in the last month. This may not be a record-snowfall year — the winter of 1971-72 retains that record — but with 173 cm it is a record for snow ON THE GROUND (there was only 150 cm on the ground in 71-72). With mixes of rain and snow expected for the next week this may be a good time to inspect snow accumulation on your roof. "If you're in any doubt clear it off," says NuTrend Construction's Peter Bernaki. As a point of information, Building Inspector Tim Luini started clearing his roof this week. David F. Rooney photo