Conner Null Silver Gloves Champ, Best Over-All Cadet

The Revelstoke Boxing Club is proud to announce that Conner Null is the 2011 BC Silver Gloves Sub-Novice champion in the Cadet ‘C’ lightweight (57-60 kg) division.

Over the weekend, Conner fought in the above-noted provincial tournament, which was held in Prince George.

The tournament attracted 40 plus boxers from all over the province, three of them in Null’s division.  Conner fought on Saturday and won a unanimous decision 5-0 over his opponent from Kelowna’s Thistletown Boxing Club.

His second match on Sunday against a boxer from Just Do It Boxing Club in Lillooet was down-graded to an exhibition as Conner’s skills outmatched his opponent. The referee stopped the contest in the first round (RSC) within one minute.

Conner also captured the best overall Cadet Trophy.