Call for nominations to the CKCA Steering Committee

The Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance (CKCA) invites members of the arts, culture, and heritage community in the Columbia Basin to join its volunteer Steering Committee. The CKCA is a representative body of the arts, culture and heritage communities across the Canadian Columbia Basin, and manages and administers arts, culture, and heritage funding programs on behalf of the Columbia Basin Trust (CBT).

The CKCA Steering Committee consists of 14 members: six from the West Kootenay, five from the East Kootenay, one from the Valemount area, and two from the Heritage sector. The CKCA represents all the disciplines in the arts (visual art, music, theatre, dance, film/video, and literary arts), culture, and heritage; therefore, it is important to provide broad representation on the Steering Committee. The CKCA is particularly interested in new members that represent youth or cultural diversity.

Steering Committee members are elected for two year terms and represent the broader needs of arts, culture, and heritage sectors in the Columbia Basin rather than individual arts councils, heritage organizations, or the communities in which they live.

Nominees to the Steering Committee must have a strong background in arts, culture, or heritage, should have experience in working on boards/committees and understand the needs and issues of the sector in order to develop funding programs/policies and adjudicate proposals. Members are expected to attend at least two meetings per year in various locations around the Columbia Basin.

Nominees to the CKCA Steering Committee do not have to be a member of any organization but must be nominated by their local community arts council or by the Heritage Federation of South East BC (HFSEBC).

Each eligible arts council may put forward only one nomination. If there are more arts council nominees in each region than seats available on the Steering Committee, regional elections will be held in the beginning of April. The HFSEBC may put forward one nomination this year. The HFSEBC nominee will be elected at their annual AGM. It is recommended that nominees (if elected) will be willing to attend occasional arts council or HFSEBC meetings to stay in touch with local/sector issues.

Currently, community arts councils eligible for nominating representatives to the Steering Committee are:

West Kootenay: Arrow Lakes (Nakusp Area), Nelson & District, North Kootenay Lake, Revelstoke, Salmo (including Ymir), Slocan Lake (Silverton/New Denver), Slocan Valley (Winlaw/Crescent Valley)

East Kootenay: Columbia Valley, Fernie, Sparwood and District.

All other communities/sectors currently have a sitting Steering Committee member.

For more information on the nomination process, please contact your local arts council or call the CKCA at 1-877-505-7355. For more information on the CKCA please visit Deadline for arts council nominations is 5 pm, Monday, April 4.