A happy 75th anniversary party for the ORL

Okanagan Regional Library branches across the region celebrated the ORL's 75th anniversary last Saturday with cake (baked by Jamie Sneddon), juice and other goodies — served up by Librarian Joan Holzer — and a special talk by Revelstoke Museum Curator Cathy English, shown here entering her name for a special book draw. David F. Rooney photo
Librarian Joan Holzer introduces Museum Curator Cathy English to the audience at the library on Saturday. While this was the ORL's 75th anniversary, the history of library development in Revelstoke goes back about 121 years to 1890 when the Canadian Pacific Railroad established a Reading Room. A more formal public library swiftly followed. David F. Rooney photo
It would be easy to imagine that perhaps only adults would attend a 75th Anniversary Party for the ORL, but that would not be correct. There were a number of children there, too, including Julia and Sophie Dorius who came bearing gifts — paintings that proclaim their love of reading. Davd F. Rooney photo