Theatre Company appeals for assistance

Editor’s Note:

The Revelstoke Theatre Company is appealing for help with its next production and has been circulating a letter by e-mail. Here’s what it says for those of you who haven’t  received it:

We had a very successful run for Marion Bridge and surprise surprise, we are already hard at work on the May production.  As usual we are looking for help in many areas. For props, we need to borrow for first 3 weeks of May:

  • 2 wooden deck chairs (circa 1930s) but they look very like modern teak chaise lounge chairs;
  • a cigarette holder;
  • a folding three or four panel screen/room divider ( for someone to dress behind on stage);
  • For production crew we require a stage hand;
  • a promotions person;
  • someone to design poster/program;
  • someone to take photos and prepare the front of house display; and
  • people to sell tickets and serve refreshment

I will mention though there were some misunderstandings at the last production. Those who volunteer for front of house, must be willing to come about 15 minutes before seven, to set up, brew coffee etc. If you are selling tickets, you are welcome to attend the performance as soon as you turn in your proceeds.However, if you are tending to refreshments, we would ask that you attend the show on a different evening than the one you work .  We require you to prep for intermission (make fresh tea and coffee) before intermission starts, and then you can leave once the second act has started,you’ve turned in your cash and you have cleared away. I also need to say that those who volunteer for front of house are not entitled to a free pass to the show. Sorry folks, but I do not think our ticket prices are extravagant. Our net profit from Marion Bridge was less than $900. which is seed money for the next production but allows no money toward festival competition, or scholarships, or providing workshops and other training.  Please remember that although the Recreation Centre has been very generous, we do now have to pay for our performance venue, s well as royalties, scripts, sets, costumes, make-up and very expensive promotions.  Those who work throughout an entire production i.e. sets,costumes or such, are welcome to attend as many performances as they wish. Those who are donating only one or two hours for one performance night, are expected to buy a ticket.  There is a discount price for those who are seniors, or have a RTC or a TBC membership. Thanks for your understanding.

Anyone with props to lend, please let anita know at 250-837-1475.  We do not need them until performance, but we need to know we have them. Anyone interested in front of house, please let us know now, and we can worry about scheduling at a later date.

Thanks to all for you continuing support

Lyn Kaulback