Teeny Tiny Theatre program returns

The Teeny Tiny Theatre is pleased to announce the return of its Revelstoke Acting Workshops.

This year’s classes will use improvisation and creative movement techniques to create original theatre.  Classes for children 6 – 8, teens 15 – 18, and adults will be held in the Howson house at 901 Mackenzie on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning on March 15 and run for six weeks.

“I see Revelstoke churning, changing, and emerging with a new face,” said Teeny Tiny Theatre founder Miranda Allen said in a statement Friday.  “The presence of art in town has exploded!  I’d like to equip students with more tools to dive into this artistic influx and create live tellings of their own stories.”

Allen was born and raised in Revelstoke.  At the age of 14 she began teaching the Teeny Tiny Theatre workshops to children in the attic space above what was then Backroom Books on Second Street, now Castle Joe Books.  A graduate of the University of Windsor’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting programme who has trained with theatre artists in Canada and abroad, Allen has returned to Revelstoke to share her experience with children and adults alike.

For more information please contact Miranda Allen at mirandafallen@live.com or by phone at 250-837-1241 or 416-857-5923.