On leaving Revelstoke…

Rev. Heather Hamlin Gravells

Leaving Revelstoke… I guess I should say left Revelstoke and we miss you! To start at the beginning so you may read this with some understanding, I was the Anglican priest in Revelstoke from Aug 2009 to Nov 2010, I would be still if the parish did not have to make some serious decisions regarding finances – a place many churches find themselves these days.

We moved into our gorgeous Rectory and loved all of our time in Revelstoke. I think we experienced the easiest winter for most of Canada in a long time (nothing like this winter!).

In case you forgot I am Heather and Chris, David and Michael are my family. We moved to Revelstoke form Prince Edward Island. The things that we loved about Revelstoke were the closeness to everything and the availability of wonderful facilities like the pool and ski hill and the cross country skiing (especially the cross country skiing!).

We chose Revelstoke for all those reasons and St. Peter’s was a good match to what we were looking for after serving in a rural 3 point parish for 9 years a smallish one church spot was ideal! Having Mountain View school across the street was more than ideal, we miss Mountain View!

This is a way to say good bye to all those who may be wondering where we went. Well we finally landed after many, many, many trips through 3 Valley Gap, in Sorrento and we are staying at the Sorrento Centre while I search for work.

In our short year in Revelstoke we made many friends and were involved with several groups, fair trade, community choir, Macpherson skiing (Jack Rabbits), United Church, ministerial, hospice, ESS, etc. and I am sure had we stayed we would have had a chance to do more!

I wish St. Peter’s the best as they move forward and hope that they know that they meant so much to us and we miss them sincerely. Blessing as you journey. I should also add that they have the best good will shop in the basement ever!

Revelstoke, we left our mark on you and you left your mark on us – we will never forget our time in the mountains! God Bless you as you continue to grow into the Hamlet you were meant to be!

Rev. Heather Hamlin Gravells was the minister at St. Peter’s Anglican Church from 2009 until last November