In Pictures: the annual Moonlight Ski

Editor’s Note:

If February 12 hadn’t been so blinking busy, what with all of the other Spirit Festival events, I might have made it up to Monashee Hut for the annual Moonlight Ski. Unfortunately I didn’t. But The Current was lucky enough to be provided with pictures from Parks Canada taken by that incomparable photographer, Rob Buchanan. Rob’s images are always excellent and are much, much better than anything I could have produced.

Thanks, Rob, for allowing us to use these:

Verena Blasy plays violin for the skiers who glided up Mount Revelstoke for the annual Moonlight Ski on February 12. Rob Buchanan photo
How can you beat the view of the city from Monashee Hut? Rob Buchanan photo
Ellen Tremblay and Isabel Pallister were two of the many people who skied up the mountain. Rob Buchanan photo
So was Alex Jay! Rob Buchanan photo
Icicles gleam in the warm yellow light from the cabin. Rob Buchanan photo
The Columbia River Bridge, as seen from the lookout at Monashee Hut. Rob Buchanan photo
You get all ages on the Moonlight Ski. Here's baby Selwyn, just 4 1/2 months old, with mom July Wilkey. Rob Buchanan photo
Isabel Pallister signs her name in the register at the hut. Rob Buchanan photo
Here's another terrific image of Verena Blasy playing the fiddle. Rob Buchanan photo
And yet another, this time taken from the outside looking in. Rob Buchanan photo
Here's a closer view of the city from the lookout. Rob Buchanan photo
The adventurous Anita Halewas and Blair Brennan brought their six-month-old Ayse up with them. Rob Buchanan photo
The annual Moonlight Ski always starts in daylight, as you can see in this image taken at about 4 pm. Rob Buchanan photo
Coming down, however, is always in the dark. Rob Buchanan photo