In Pictures: Revelstoke Spirit Festival — Day Six

By David F. Rooney

Wednesday was a highly active day for the week-long Revelstoke Spirit Festival with an ice sculpture carving, a Guitar hero Challenge and the Family Dance event offering family fun for all until well into the evening.

The ice sculpting event gave people an opportunity to watch master sculptor John McKinnon at work in Grizzly Plaza as a he carved a leaping Arctic char from blocks of ice in front of the Roxy.

“I love coming back here,” said McKinnon who created the Gateway Grizzlies at Victoria Road and the Trans-Canada Highway.

He’s no stranger to ice sculpture, having created many across North America over the years. If you missed him at work on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning you can still see the completed sculpture in front of the Roxy. It will be on display until at least Monday morning. That’s when City crews commence snow clearing operations in Grizzly Plaza. It may or may not survive that. Meanwhile, there’s a set of photos from Wednesday evening and Thursday morning below.

Then there was the Sears Guitar Hero School Challenge at the United Church that brought out scores of teens to compete or watch their friends have at it, followed by a concert from teen band FUSE. Organizer Steve Smith deeply appreciated the support he received from local businesses, particularly the local Sears outlet for providing four large flat panel TVs for the competition and the Movie Company, Revelstoke Mobility, the Arts Council and A&W for providing the prizes.

And, finally, there was the Revelstoke Dance Centre’s Family Dance event at the Community Centre that saw a demonstration of Jennifer Crockford’s students’ dance abilities as well as a chance for families to dance together.

The Spirit Festival continues on Thursday with the Top Bloke contest, featuring Ladies Night at the Big Eddy Pub and Tenorissimo. Click here to see the official program for the week. In the meantime, please enjoy these photos of Wednesday’s events:

The Sears Guitar Hero Challenge at the United Church roped in teens of all ages on Wednesday to watch their friends compete and, later, enjoy a concert by local teen band, FUSE. Here Logan Davis and Tashi Townley try their hand at the Guitar Hero competition. David F. Rooney photo
Shawn Lee tries his hand at the Guitar Hero Challenge. David F. Rooney photo
Makenna Hansen and Suzanne Hasea play Guitar Hero as their friend Hunter Kapak watches. David F. Rooney photo
Revelstoke Secondary School Principal Mike Hooker proves that he's really a kid at heart as he competes against Matt Abbott. David F. Rooney photo
In the finals Kade Hansen and Gabe Laidlaw vied for first place as a crowd of teens watched and Times Review Photographer Alex Cooper looked for the right angle for a shot. Hansen won first place and $80 in Vieobucks from The Movie Company. Laidlaw placed second winning a gift care from Revelstoke Mobility and two cellphone cases. David F. Rooney photo
Donovan Miskiman and and Kane Campbell compete for third and fourth place. Miskiman took third, winning $25 from the Revelstoke Arts Council. Campbell won fourth place and a $25 gift certificate from A&W. David F. Rooney photo
And afte the competition, there was a concert by local teen band FUSE. David F. Rooney photo
Tashi Townley, Everitt Hawthorne, Logan Davis, Rhys Evans and Kade Hansen perform for the crowd of teenagers (and a few parents) who crowded into the United Church hall for their concert Wednesday evening. David F. Rooney photo
Grizzly Plaza sizzled with the sound of power tools as John McKinnon carved a sculpture of a leaping Arctic char out of ice Wednesday. This was a novel opportunity for McKinnon to exercise his art here — something the creator of the Gateway Grizzlies hasn't done in a while. David F. Rooney photoin a while
Wielding a chainsaw, McKinnon carves the initial body shape. David F. Rooney photo
As McKinnon carved away, Scott Duke of Duke's Dogs burned a whack of weenies for Revelstoke's Canadian Canine Search and Rescue folks. He sold out. David F. Rooney photo
A hot dog was perfect fare for watching John McKinnon carve his char. David F. Rooney photo
From a chainsaw to smaller, more specialized tools, McKinnon gradually brought his char to life. David F. Rooney photo
Ice dust flies as McKinnon works. David F. Rooney photo
Over the course of a couple of hours McKinnon breathed life into the cold beauty of the ice. He planned on finishing his char on Thursday morning. David F. Rooney photo
Minute flecks of ice on the camera lens seem to cast a veil over McKinnon's sculpture. David F. Rooney photo
Jennifer Crockford's Revelstoke Dance Centre staged an exhibition of dance by her students and a Family Dance at the Community Centre on Wednesday evening. David F. Rooney photo
Come Thursday morning, John McKinnon was back in Grizzly Plaza putting the finishing touches on his lovely sculpture. David F. Rooney photo
Even Mayor David Raven was impressed when he strolled by to see his progress. David F. Rooney photo
You can see John McKinnon's sculpture until at least Monday morning when City crews will commence snow removal in Grizzly Plaza. David F. Rooney photo