In Pictures: Revelstoke Spirit Festival — Day Seven

By David F. Rooney

Tenorissimo and the Top Bloke Contest’s Ladies Night event were the top activities on Thursday, drawing the attention of two opposing groups of people — those with a taste for high culture and those whose tastes were somewhat lower on the sophistication scale.

Tenorissimo’s Paul Ouellette, Ken Lavigne and Phillip Grant pulled in a large audience at the United Church for an evening of operatic music delivered with a keen sense of humour.

Across town at the Big Eddy Pub scores of women snaffled back wine, beer and mixed drinks as they howled at the men competing to become Revelstoke’s first Top Bloke. The contest, organized by The Last Drop, ends Friday evening with a buffet and drinks at the Last Drop (click here to learn more) and Thursday evening’s hilarity certainly showed that this particular contest has some staying power. We at The Current would love to see this brought back next winter.

If you missed those two events you can enjoy them vicariously through the following photos and videos:

Songstress Maggie Davis performed for diners at Bad Paul's Thursday evening. The young singer has attracted many admirers in town. We hope to hear more from her this year. David F. Rooney photo
Ah! Tenorissimo performed sublimely to a large audience at the United Church on Thursday evening. David F. Rooney photo
Tenors Paul Ouellette, Ken Lavigne and Phillip Grant not only have amazing voices but a keen wit that had the audience laughing with them throughout the evening. David F. Rooney photo

And then there was something not quite as high-brow: the Last Drop's Revelstoke's Top Bloke Contest, which opened with a Ladies Night at the Big Eddy Pub. Would-be Top Blokes from local establishments, like Matt Hartwich from the Powder Springs, shmoozed the local women and more. David F. Rooney photo
There were lots of women to chat up, too. Here Hartwich is joined by Aaron McKenzie of Escape Within. All of the ladies who attended the event a score card. David F. Rooney photo
As the men began going on stage to strut their stuff the cameras began to come out in the audience. David F. Rooney photo
MCed by H (right) from the Last Drop, Top Bloke contestants included Party Mike (standing) from Society Snow and Skate and Justin Butler from the Last Drop. David F. Rooney photo
Matt Hatwich from Powder Springs tells all to H. David F. Rooney photo
Well, now we know just about everything about Top Bloke contestant Corey McKenzie from Second Chance. David F. Rooney photo
Jacob Hanson from the Village Idiot makes his pitch for the ladies' votes. David F. Rooney photo
Frank Romero shows off his tattoo. David F. Rooney photo
And here are all the Top Bloke contestants showing off their dance-floor moves. The ladies all howled at this! You can hear them scream and watch the guys dance on The Current Video on the front page. David F. Rooney photo
Speed dating with Jacob Hanson in the "love booth." David F. Rooney photo
Justin Butler makes a play for a lovely lady's affections — and vote — during the speed dating portion. David F. Rooney photo

Corey McKenzie chats up one of the ladies as a another audience member chronicles it photographically. David F. Rooney photo