In Pictures: Revelstoke Spirit Festival — Day Nine

The Amazing Race held Saturday proved to be a terrific event and “an incredible success” that attracted seven teams, said race organizer John Devitt of the Chamber of Commerce.

Starting at Grizzly Plaza at 9 am, teams found their first clue hidden in this week’s issue of the Revelstoke Times Review.  It directed them to the Recreation Centre where they had to dive into the deep end of the pool to find 6 letters hidden on the bottoms of over 50 hockey pucks and correctly spell the word “SPIRIT.”  Next they found their way to the Revelstoke Forum where they had the choice of searching through the hockey arena for photos of “Mr. Hockey,” Gordie Howe or throwing a rock at the curling club to get it “on the button.”  After this it was off to Bad Paul’s and Escape Within for a “waiter race,” then on to Ambience Gallery to discover how many prints contained a train in it.  From here teams sprinted across town to the Revelstoke Golf Club, where they had the choice of finding coloured golf balls hidden in the snow, or running a relay race with snow shoes on.  Then off to the Big Eddy Pub where one team member had to eat 10 of the hottest wings ever!  After this, teams raced back into town and completed either fitness challenge at Trans Canada Fitness or sought the answers to heritage trivia questions at the Revelstoke Museum and Archives.  Finally, teams went to Cooper’s Foods where they had to find the correct prices for 18 obscure food items.  The first team to cross the finish line in Grizzly Plaza would be the winner.

And who was the winner?

Why, it proved to be Team CBass: Richard Eden and Harald Ulriksen of Powder Spring who finsihed all of their tasks with a time of 3:58:00. They received a $100 cash prize and gift certificates from the Last Drop. In fact, all of the participating teams received Last Drop gift certificates.

The other teams were:

  • 7th place – “Team Robot”: Louise Gordon and Brandon Arrowsmith.  Time: 4 hours, 24minutes (Unfortunately, the team was disqualified because Brandon had to resign due to an injury.  However, Louise chose to complete the race on her own!)
  • 6th place – “Jenn-Lee”: Jennifer Perreault and Lee-Ann McLaughlin.  Time: 4hr, 34min
  • 5th place – “Two Spoons and a Fork”: Joannie Huberleau and Adam Angevaare.  Time: 4hr, 33min
  • 4th place – “The First Last Droppers”: Emma Kirkland and Lynsay Roe.  Time: 4hr, 12min
  • 3rd place – “The A-Team”: Heather Cretelli and Ben Parkin.  Time: 4hr, 8min
  • 2nd place – “Just for Laughs”: Joel Leblanc and Kristi Mortel-LeBlanc.  Time: 4hr, 2min

The Amazing Race organizers would like to thank everyone for participating and our helpful volunteers.  But more importantly, we’d like to give a big thank you to all our Chamber of Commerce members and friends who hosted events at their business and helped make this day such a huge success:

  • Revelstoke Community Centre
  • Revelstoke Forum
  • Revelstoke Curling Club
  • Bad Paul’s Roadhouse Grill
  • Escape Within
  • Ambience Gallery and Frames
  • Revelstoke Golf Club
  • Big Eddy Pub
  • Trans Canada Fitness
  • Revelstoke Museum and Archives
  • Cooper’s Foods

Here are some photos from the event:

Contestants in the Amazing Race pose for a photo bright and early Saturday morning before racing away. David F. Rooney photo
And here they go! David F. Rooney photo
Overall winners Harald Ulricksen and Richard Eden were all smiles as they received $100 from race organizer John Devitt. David F. Rooney photo
Race organizers Suzi Wiebe of The Times Review (top left) and John Devitt (kneeling left) and all of the competitors pose for a post-race photo. David F. Rooney photo