In Pictures: Revelstoke Spirit Festival — Day Eight

By David F. Rooney

You could feel the heat and almost taste the hunger in the Last Drop on Friday as eight guys competed to be Revelstoke’s very first Top Bloke.

There were a lot of women at the tables and you could almost see the fantasies churning through some of their minds as Gabriel Giroux of Kawakubo, Corey McKenzie of Second Chance, Aaron McKenzie of Escape Within, Jacob Hanson of the Village Idiot, Matt Hartwich of Powder Springs, Frank Romeo, Justin Butler of the Last Drop and Party Mike of Society Snow and Skate paraded through the crowd.

The guys were judged in three categories: formal wear, sportswear and talent. There scores from these three events were then matched with scores from the Ladies Night event on Thursday by a panel of independent judges.

Well… why spend time writing about what happened when I can show you in pictures — and a video!

Powder Springs' Victoria Leeson served up a terrific buffet of chicken, roast beef, potatoes, pasta and salads for guests at the Last Drop's Top Bloke Contest on Friday night. The pub was jammed with people eager to see who would be chosen. Who won? keep scrolling down to see more photos of the evening's action. David F. Rooney photo
And here are the contestants! From left to right with MC Steve Smith are: Frank Romeo, Matt Hartwich, Jacob Hanson, Gabriel Giroux, Party Mike, Corey and Aaron McKenzie and Justin Butler. After their debut at the Ladies Night event (you can see photos and video here on The Current), they had to wow a panel of judges with their deportment in the formal wear, ski/sports wear and talent portion of Friday night's final. David F. Rooney photo
Gabriel Giroux struts his stuff in the ski/sportswear portion of the evening. A lot of the ladies present thought he was pretty hot. David F. Rooney photo
Aaron McKenzie whoops as he enters the pub. David F. Rooney photo
And what could you say about Matt Hartwich. That hair ALMOST looks natural... David F. Rooney photo
Justin Butler shows his, ah, style. David F. Rooney photo
Oo la la. There were a few hungry looks in the crowd when Corey McKenzie swaggered through the audience. David F. Rooney photo
Frank Romeo, the only local guy in the Top Bloke Contest, attempts to bribe Judge Neills Kristensen of the Friends of Mount Revelstoke & Glacier with a shot of Sambuca as he skates onto the floor. David F. Rooney photo
Party Mike fit the bill as a boarder in the sportswear event. David F. Rooney photo
The exuberant Jacob Hanson slaloms his way through the crowd. David F. Rooney photo
These girls were having a fine time ogling the guys. David F. Rooney photo
Steve Smith chats with Judges Meghan Tabor of RMR and Suzie Wiebe of The Times Review during a brief break in the action. David F. Rooney photo
Matt Hartwich was keen to make an impression on the ladies with his fashion sense, but we don't think those colours exist in nature, buddy. We also noticed that he was careful to stay away from open flames. David F. Rooney photo
Justin Butler went for the Aloha Look. David F. Rooney photo
Corey McKenzie hands out roses to some of the ladies. David F. Rooney photo
But when it came to formal wear nobody outshone Frank Romeo. Pretty classy, Frank! David F. Rooney photo
From Frank's classic and classy look to the Caddyshack look. Pretty relaxed looking, Mike. David F. Rooney photo
Jacob Hanson looking, ah, even more exuberant than before. Was it something in the water, Jake? David F. Rooney photo
Sometimes you just have to get up and stare... David F. Rooney photo
And here's what they're staring at: Aaron McKenzie doing a strip tease. That's quite a "talent." Fortunately he didn't get past this stage. But judging by the looks on some of these faces, that's enough. David F. Rooney photo
Corey managed to make this look easy. David F. Rooney photo
Matt Hartwich enlisted Jason Roe in a series of card tricks — proof that he has a talent beyond buying oddly-coloured suits in Thailand. David F. Rooney photo
Jacob Hanson demonstrates his "special" talent on Jana Coes. He must have been good — that's a $20 she's giving him. David F. Rooney photo
Justin Butler (left) and Party Mike emulated Canadian icons Bob and Doug MacKenzie for the crowd. But could they make that weird Koo-roooo-koo-koo-koo-kookoorekoo-koo sound? David F. Rooney photo
Corey McKenzie shows he was a man of hidden depths as he guzzled a Corona and juggled fruit at the same. But he could he walk and do it? David F. Rooney photo
Frank had a little comedy routine going, as well as a song or two, for the crowd. Pretty good, Frank. David F. Rooney photo
A clown in a bathrobe? At least Gabriel Giroux wasn't a Killer Klown... David F. Rooney photo
But he did leave them laughing with his rather risque — and flaming hot! — routine. (See the video below) David F. Rooney photo

And then, after a dance demo, it was one big lone-in on stage as the judges went to deliberate. David F. Rooney photo
And here are the judges: David Rooney of The Current, Meghan Tabor of RMR, Suzie Wiebe of The Times Review and Neills Kristensen of the Friends of Mount Revelstoke & Glacier. And... oh, yes... that's the irrepressible Steve Smith introducing them to the crowd. Jackie Pendergast photo
While the judges decided there could be only one Top Bloke they thought Gabriel Giroux's laughably risque performance was worth some special recognition: a bottle of wine and special consideration from the Last Drop. Here he is getting ready to smooch Powder Springs General Manager Emma Kirkland. Jackie Pendergast photo
And here's the man everyone was dying to meet Revelstoke's VERY FIRST TOP BLOKE: Jacob Hanson of the Village Idiot. He made out like a bandit with special discounts, VIP passes to The Regent and other goodies. Jackie Pendergast photo
And then after the show there was music provided by Terry Dactyl and The Extinctions. David F. Rooney photo