In Pictures: Heather Duchman’s retirement party

By David F. Rooney

Heather Duchman, whose 27 years of service at the Community Centre endeared her to just about everyone in town, spent her last day on the job as the focus of everyone’s attention during a special party thrown for her by her colleagues and friends.

There were a few tears and a lot of laughs as people told little Heather stories and showed their appreciation of her with small gifts, cards and hugs.

If you missed the party you can nonetheless enjoy it through this series of photos:

When you are as well known and liked as Heather Duchman, retirement is a pretty public affair. Staff at the Community Centre threw a retirement party for Heather on Friday that brought out scores of her friends and admirers, among them Councillor Tony Scarcella who presented her with a plaque of appreciation from City Council. David F. Rooney photo
Just look at the expression on Heather's face as colleague Ingrid Boaz presents her with a year's pass to the Aquatic Centre. She's just a little excited, eh? David F. Rooney photo
Just check out the size of that pass. Heather won't be able to lose that in her purse! David F. Rooney photo
There was plenty of fun as Linda Chell, a life-long friend and mover and shaker in the Child Care Society, presented Heather with a few small gifts. David F. Rooney photo
Suzanne Grieve (standing with the mic) did an excellent job as MC. David F. Rooney photo
Librarians Zoe Knuff (left) and Joan Holzer had a littler fun of their own, fixing Heather with with a scarf and crown. David F. Rooney photo
It was all a lot of fun. David F. Rooney photo
Chic Sharp, sensei of Revelstoke Shotokan Karate, presents Heather with an honourary black belt for her many years of ensuring that the club always had a place to practice. David F. Rooney photo
Ever wonder how the Glacier Challenge manages to run smoothly every year? Much, may be even most, of the credit is due to Heather's superb organizational skills, said Pat McKee as she handed a Heather a stack of plastic beer cups for those less formal entertaining occasions. David F. Rooney photo
The girls got as little weepy as they hugged just moments before Glacier Challenge Chairman Brad Beerling presented Heather with a lovely bouquet. David F. Rooney photo
The crowd throughly enjoyed themselves and applauded Heather and all of the people telling little stories about her. David F. Rooney photo
Jackie James, one of the coordinators of the annual Community Banner Program, thanks Heather for all of her efforts to ensure the program runs smoothly. "It is one of my absolute favourite programs," Heather said. David F. Rooney photo
Parks, Recreation and Culture Director Kerry Dawson thanks Heather for her many years of devoted community service. David F. Rooney photo
Of course, what is a public celebration with out a cake? Heather serves up slices of delicious chocolate cake to guests at the retirement party. David F. Rooney photo
Heather got a real hoot out of Nelli Richardson's recounting of her adventures as a leather-clad motorcycle mama. David F. Rooney photo
Naturally, there was a wall full of photos... David F. Rooney photo
And another wall decorated with pre-school children's pictures of Heather, some of which greatly amused Suzanne Grieve and Kerry Dawson. David F. Rooney photo
And finally, staff decorated the reception desk with copies of Rob Buchanan's delightful cartoon of Heather, which was published in this week's Times Review. Enjoy your retirement, Heather! David F. Rooney photo