Four skiers charged with being in a Parks Canada prohibited area

This is the area of Mount Revelstoke National Park that is closed to protect mountain caribou from human intrusion. Map courtesy of Parks Canada

On Thursday, February 10, a Parks Canada warden for Mount Revelstoke National Park charged four backcountry skiers $115 each for breaking the Canada National Parks Act General Regulations by being in a prohibited area.

The group was caught at 4 pm leaving the Mt. Klotz area, which was closed to prevent mountain caribou – a species at risk – from being disturbed or displaced from important wintering habitat.

Parks Canada continuously monitors this area for caribou and recently spotted four caribou and a calf on Mount Klotz, a critical habitat area for the South Columbia caribou population.   Caribou are particularly susceptible to human disturbance during winter months.  Parks Canada is watching closely to make sure that closures are respected and asks for the public’s support in ensuring the future for mountain caribou.

The closure notice and map is posted at several locations in the park and on the Parks Canada website under “important bulletins.”