Federal New Dems to hold an electronic town hall meeting

Tonight (Thursday, February 17), New Democrats will use an innovative new strategy to allow thousands of voters in Kootenay-Columbia to engage with NDP Leader Jack Layton and newly-selected federal NDP candidate Mark Shmigelsky.

“We’re working hard to win the next election, and that means reaching out to every single voter. Hosting a Town Hall with Jack over the phone will allow people from all over the region connect with us,” Shmigelsky said in a statement.

Starting at 6 pm Pacific Time, an automated message will call voters’ households throughout the riding asking them if they are interested in participating in the discussion. If they are, they will be put through to a live telephone Town Hall Meeting with Layton and Shmigelsky.

Participants will be able to listen to what they say and can connect with an operator to ask them questions. Up to 5,000people are expected to participate, the statement said.

“This really is a unique way for us to hear directly from people. It’s also a great way for people to connect with Jack Layton in their own homes,” said Shmigelsky.