Arrow Heights Elementary School teams up with the Community Foundation

The Community Foundation brought a pizza lunch to the Arrow Heights' Student Council on Wednesday. Justin Angelozzi, Bryce Molder, Cole Blakely, Ali Beck, Lainey Thur, Megan Cottingham, Madison Howard listen to Steven Hui as he explains how the Community Foundation works. Photo by AHE student reporter-photographer Erin Behncke

By Erin Behncke

Today three members of the Community Foundation came to Arrow Heights School to talk to the Student Council about giving back.  Steven Hui, David Rooney, and Linda Dickson told us about what the Community Foundation is all about.  The Community Foundation collects money through donation.  The Foundation then invests the money.  The interest made on these investments then goes back into our community through a variety of projects.  Arrow Heights Elementary School has created one of these projects.

Arrow Heights uses CARE cards as recognition towards students demonstrating our Code of Conduct.  Students earn a CARE card by getting caught doing something special such as helping a peer, or taking care of our school in some way.  Students “pay it forward” by placing their card in a charity bin.  Then a donation will be made at the end of the year on everyone’s behalf.  The charities that the student council has chosen to support are: Turn on the Tap (global), BC Children’s Hospital (provincial), or the Revelstoke Humane Society (local).

The Arrow Heights Elementary School Student Council wrote a proposal applying for a Community Foundation grant.  The Community Foundation has agreed to match every dollar we fundraise up to $320.  They have encouraged us to get out there and help people and animals.

Mr. Hui’s final words to us were “it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always find a way to help others.”

Erin Behncke is a Student Council Member at AHE and a student reporter-photographer for The Revelstoke Current