The Ono Cho kids had a busy day learning about Revelstoke

By David F. Rooney

The 20 visiting student from Ono Cho, Japan, has a busy Tuesday learning about community pastimes, like curling, and our past through the Railway Museum and the Revelstoke Museum & Archives.

Visit Coordinator Wenche Beitel said that on Wednesday afternoon from 1 – 3 p m the Ono Cho students will be holding a Cultural Fair where classes from RSS will lean about their culture through activities such as a Japanese board game called Fuku Warai, calligraphy, toys such as traditional spinning tops and cup and ball,  Ayatori (Cat’s Cradle), Origami and Japanese traditional badminton.

“The exchange finishes on Wednesday evening with a Farewell Party and the group departs early on Thursday morning,” she said. “It’s a very rewarding experience for everyone that is involved.”

Here are some photos from Tuesday’s activities:

Revelstoke's visiting high school students from Ono Cho, Japan, had a vigorous day on Tuesday. Photo courtesy of Wenche Beitel
First, they were introduced to the fine sport of curling. Photo courtesy of Wenche Beitel
That proved to be a really different experience. Photo courtesy of Wenche Beitel
But, judging by the smiles on their faces — as well as those of the Curling Club volunteers to enjoyed helping them out — one that they truly enjoyed. Photo courtesy of Wenche Beitel
Then it was off to the Revelstoke Railway Museum where volunteer Myrna Robinson introduced them to a page of Canadian — and local — history. Photo courtesy of Wenche Beitel
They were also able to experience some of the tasks involved in operating a locomotive. Photo courtesy of Wenche Beitel
And, of course, they had another group photo taken. Photo courtesy of Wenche Beitel
And then it time for a Scavenger Hunt at the Revelstoke Museum & Archives and an opportunity to create a little origami. David F. Rooney photo
The kids were friendly and charming. David F. Rooney photo
They smiled and greeted all of the adults they met... like the newspaper photographer. David F. Rooney photo
And, of course, they posed for another group photo. David F. Rooney photo