Shane Philip, the wizard of the didgeridoo, plays Outabounds Friday night

Shane Philip's unique sound had the crowd at the 2009 Revekstoke Music Festival writhing like earthworms. David F. Rooney photo
No stranger to Revelstoke, didgeridoo playing Shane Philip always puts on an incredible show. Karen McColl photo

Shane Philip, the Vancouver Island musician regarded by his many fans as a wizard with the traditional Australian didgeridoo, will be performing at Outabounds on Friday at 11 pm.

If you’ve never seen or heard Philip before you are in for a treat. He is an electrifying performer whose mastery of the haunting didgeridoo will swiftly have your blood pumping and your body writhing.

The connection with audiences’ fuels and influences his own performance as well.

“When people are moving, I can watch them,” he said in a statement. “They influence me to make certain sounds by the way they are moving. It’s like a dance we’re doing back and forth. There’s a bonding, a sharing of energy back and forth that words can’t explain.”

Like most successful performers Philip is open to all kinds of musical influences. They are an integral part of what he does and who he is. It’s tough to categorize his creations, but he happily wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We are shaped by everything we listen to, see and do,” he says. “So much of what shapes the music, vibe, content, and overall feeling of the songs is unconscious. I write music that results from everything that goes on in the life I live.”

Besides the eerie didgeridoo, Philip is an excellent guitarist, which shows in his performances as well his in-studio work. His latest album, Life.Love.Music, clearly demonstrates that.

This 12-cut CD is by turns mellow and cool, enervating and hot. It’s well worth picking up if you enjoy his music.

The doors open at Outabounds at 10 pm and the show starts at 11.