Look at all that white stuff…

By David F. Rooney

Tired of the white stuff? Wonder how much we’ve received?

Well here, according to Tina Miertsch at Public Works, is the hard news:

“Last year we had a total of 210 cm for the whole season,” she said “To date we have recorded 223 cm.   Jan. 4 – 9 it snowed  62 cm  (and)  Jan. 12 – 14 it snowed 44 cm and it is still coming…”

The snow has been a huge challenge for snow removal crews and for people just trying to get from point A to Point B. It’s a challenge, too, if you want to do something as simple as put some kitchen scraps in your composter, as Laura Stovel discovered…

Some people, Like Laura Stovel, will do almost anything to keep composting... even in the dead of winter. David F. Rooney photo
Bound an determined to dump her organic kitchen waste in the composter on her property on Connaught Avenue, Laura quickly found herself waste-deep in the white stuff that has been falling for days now. David F. Rooney photo
Once she located it, she had to clear the snow from the top of the composter. David F. Rooney photo
Getting back to the road proved to be almost as much a chose as getting to the composter. David F. Rooney photo
It's a good thing this Revelstoke girl loves the snow. David F. Rooney photo
And at the end — success! David F. Rooney photo