Revelstoke’s Midget Grizzlies win their home tournament

By David F. Rooney

The Midget Grizzlies won their home tournament this weekend against teams from Crowchild, Elk Valley, Kamloops, Nakusp, Red Deer and Winfield.

Revelstoke dominated all but one of their games, beating Red Deer 6-0, Elk Valley 7-1 and Crowchild 7-2. They lost to Nakusp 2-4 on Saturday but more than made up for the loss when they met the Nakusp team in the final and demolished them 6-3.

Here are a few images from championship match:

Nakusp's midget team gave Revelstoke Minor Hockey's Midget Grizzlies a great workout Sunday afternoon and even though they defeated Revelstoke 4-2 on Saturday they couldn't repeat that victory when the two teams met in the final game of this weekend's Revelstoke Midget Tier 3 Tourney. Revelstoke won that game 6-2. David F. Rooney photo
Midget Grizzlies Goalie Kyle Reynolds makes the save as Nakusp struggled at the end of the final match of the Revelstoke Midget Tier 3 Tournament. David F. Rooney photo
Mike Hooker of Revelstoke Minor Hockey presents the Revelstoke team's captain, Kent Hendrickson, with the trophy at the conclusion of this weekend's tournament. David F. Rooney photo
The numbers tell the tale of what happened in regular play during the Midget Grizzlies' home tournament on the weekend. David F. Rooney photo