Nordic Ski Club opens its new lodge

By Laura Stovel

The beautiful Revelstoke Nordic Ski Lodge opened to the public on Christmas day.

Nordic ski club board member Wade Viznaugh described the club’s vision of making the lodge a hub for sports activity on Mount Macpherson.

He pointed out that the area is not only used by cross country skiers. Many people also ski tour on the Macpherson ‘fingers’ and the area serves mountain bikers and hikers in the summer. “It’s going to be a meeting place,” he said. “Now people can come up and hang out at the lodge.”

The lodge will have a live-in caretaker who arrives on Boxing Day. There is a kitchen which can be used for social events and a good sized lunch room and downstairs there is a room for waxing skis.

Here are some photos of the now-completed lodge:

The front of the new Revelstoke Nordic Ski Lodge. Laura Stovel photo
Board member Wade Viznaugh greets skiiers and visitors. Laura Stovel photo
Skiiers Kellen Viznaugh and Doug Gray relax in the lunch room. Laura Stovel photo
Another view of the lunch room. Laura Stovel photo
Looking towards the kitchen. Laura Stovel photo
The wax room. Laura Stovel photo
Former Nordic Ski club board member Michael Morris (left) with board member Wade Viznaugh below the lodge. Laura Stovel photo
The new groomer shed. Laura Stovel photo