Avalanche Centre receives $150,000 in new provincial funding

The Canadian Avalanche Centre (CAC) has received a new grant of $150,000 from the BC government. The grant was announced Wednesday by Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Rich Coleman. This new funding is in addition to the existing annual contribution of $150,000 from Emergency Management BC.

“The Province of British Columbia was the first government to pledge support when the CAC was incorporated in 2004, and continues to be a vital partner over the years,” CAC Executive Director Ian Tomm said in a statement. “With the announcement of this new funding, BC has once again shown its commitment to public avalanche safety.”

The money will be used to maintain existing core programs in the face of rising costs, and expanding some newer services aimed at all backcountry user groups.

“Demand for all our programs is increasing, as are our expenses,” Tomm said. “Our services are important to many residents of and visitors to our beautiful province. Snowmobile outreach and education continues to be one of our priorities, and this new money will help address some of the needs of that community.”

The CAC is a non-profit, non-government agency dedicated to public avalanche safety. Incorporated in 2004, the CAC is funded and supported by a collaboration of federal, provincial and private sector agencies involved in avalanche safety.