Our community… briefly

Yes! You can watch the Santa Claus Parade and help the Food Bank

Students in the RSS 2011 Grad Class will be helping out the Food Bank during the Dec. 11 Santa Claus Parade by collecting donations from spectators along the parade route.

So, if you and your family are planning on watching the parade why not bring some things you’d like to donate — either non-perishable food items or new, unopened toys for the Food Bank and its Christmas Hamper Program.


Winter Art Walk should get you strolling for local culture

Revelstoke’s Winter Arts Walk is just about ready to get underway on Dec. 1 with works of art appearing at 35 participating businesses.

Businesses from one end of town to the other are making space for ceramics, sculpture, paintings and digital media art  by 50 artists.

Click here to view the poster created to publicize this event, which runs from December 1 until March 1.

You can also click here to see the Winter Art Walk brochure. Both documents are in PDF format and may, should you so desire, be printed at home.


City agrees to Nordic Ski Club lodge investment

City Council has agreed to back a proposal to invest $10,000 from the Economic Opportunities Fund in the Nordic Ski Club’s new day lodge that is being completed at Mount MacPherson.

“The club is close to completing the project but requires some additional funds to help finish the project,” Community Economic Development Director Alan Mason said in a memo to Council.


New business licences issued

The City has issued 20 new business licences, bringing the total number of licences in the community to 895 by the end of October.

The businesses include: Revelstoke Retreat B&B; Pure Image Salon; MHC Films; LN Van Sickle & Son Holdings Ltd.; Trainor Mechanical Contractors; Salmon Arm Window and Door Service Ltd.; Les P’Tites Grenouiles Family, a day care centre; Bearded Raven Bed and Shred; Jill Zacharias, a consulting service; Environmental Consulting; Jean Pedersen, a consulting service; Esso; Stoke Solutions, BA Sausage; CM Groundworx Ltd., a machinery rental and consulting service; Harris Harper Holdings Inc., an investment brokerage; Prestige Railings and Stairs Ltd.; Facilitated Movement Physiotherapy; Hard Hammer Construction Ltd.; and 0708293 BC Ltd., a machine shop operation.

Last year at this time there were 824 business licences in Revelstoke.


Talks to continue regarding an airport-based Emergency  Operations Centre

A proposal to establish an Emergency Operations Centre at the airport for use in the event of a hazardous materials accident at the CPR Yards or on the Trans-Canada Highway has Council’s approval for further discussion.

Council made the decision after hearing a plea from Emergency Program Coordinator Jerry Silva on Tuesday.

Silva said the main threat facing the city is a hazardous materials accident. In the event of an incident involving, say, a propane tanker, much of the city would have to be evacuated and the currently designated EOC at City Hall would be rendered useless.

Locating a permanent EOC on the second floor of the airport terminal, complete with radios and other communications equipment would be ideal, Silva said.

It would also be useful in the event of a flood on the Illecillewaet or if the main body of the city was threatened by a major wildfire.

Silva said equipping an EOC at the airport could cost about $32,000, most of which could come from within the existing budget for emergency preparedness.

This does not mean an EOC will actually be located there, however. But Council did say Silva has its permission to continue discussions with the Columbia Shuswap Regional District, which owns the airport facility.


Internet marketing is here to stay

The Stoke List, Revelstoke’s own free classified advertising site, recently posted its 10,000th ad.

“Hey Revelstoke!,” said Stoke List Proprietor Karilyn Kempton. “Today we reached a milestone at the Stoke List – we reached the 10,000th ad! We’re actually well beyond that now thanks to your fast and furious posting skills. I want to thank you for making this such a lively site. I know I check it every day, and I’ve got the analytics info to tell me that there’s about one thousand of you that also check it all the time. Sometimes it gets a bit off track, but that’s life, right?

“Over the past year, I’ve found a stellar roommate, sold a jacket, discovered new events, sold a pair of skis and made a new friend, bought bike armor, found a lost camera, scored touring skins, learned more about my cherry tree, snagged a sweet old townie bike, laughed lots, followed debates, and tons more. What are some of your Stoke List success stories?”

The Stoke List, like The Current, is clear evidence that the Internet-based economy is here to stay.

Speaking of statistics, The Current has received 253,099 visits from 48,219 people in 109 countries since it was launched on July 1, 2009. Since its inception The Current has published 1,766 stories and 5,067 photographs. Weekday visits fluctuate between 800 and 1,000. Weekend visits vary from 500 to 700.


Coming to a windshield near you

City Council had adopted its new Ticket Information Utilization Bylaw — the rules that lay out how much you’ll have to cough up if you ever park illegally on, say, the Illecillewaet River bridge.

Tickets range from $50 to $1,000 depending upon the infraction but they can be reduced by as much as 50 per cent if you pay within 30 days.