Insurance provides protection when you need it most

By the staff at RCU Insurance Services

Are you planning on a vacation or a trip away from your home this season? To ensure your family and home are adequately protected you may need to consider some important information.

Did you know BC Medical has limitations on the coverage they provide outside the province of British Columbia and the country? MSP will only cover a percentage of the total cost if you get sick or injured outside of Canada. You may need Travel Insurance to protect you and your loved ones while away from home. Several different types of travel insurance are available. Whether you take regular trips out of province, travel throughout the United States, or worldwide, the right form of protection can be fit to your individual needs.

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The next step toward worry free travel includes properly protecting your home. While you are away your home insurance policy may require someone to enter the premises daily. If your residence is unoccupied for more than four consecutive days during the usual heating season, your policy contains strictly enforced requirements with respect to the coverage for freezing of pipes and rupture of water from a plumbing or heating system. Depending on your particular insurer, requirements can range from having someone enter your home daily, to using reasonable care to maintain heat in the building, or by shutting off and draining the water systems. All insurance coverage is subject to terms, conditions, and exclusions of the applicable individual policies. Please refer to your policy for details or ask your broker for assistance.

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