Chic Sharp’s latest book is a lovely tale for youngsters

Chic Sharp's latest book in the My Twelve Brothers and Me series is one that will delight small children. Revelstoke Current image scan

By David F. Rooney

Chic Sharp’s latest children’s book, My Twelve Brothers and Me featuring Marty Two Shoes, is a delightful, gentle and beautifully illustrated tale that will likely capture the imagination of young children.

This is the second volume in the My Twelve Brothers and Me series. In the first, Sharp introduced readers to brother Creely, who disappeared mysteriously at the conclusion of the tale. Now it’s the story of Marty Two Shoes, whose amazing gift leads to a startling ending.

Like the story of Creely, this tale is brightly illustrated by Sharp’s daughter, Cara, who has used her considerable skill, talent and love to create lively, happy full-colour drawings for the book.

Sharp’s stories are ones he made up and used to tell his kids when they were quite small. The children loved the tales he dreamed up and would beg him to tell them more.

He says the next volume, My Twelve Brothers and Me featuring Giant George, is already in the works.

He has been selling his book at bazaars and bookstores throughout the region. You can find out more about Chic Sharp and his books series or order a copy online through his website,

My Twelve Brothers and Me featuring Marty Two Shoes, by Charles Sharp, Illustrated by Cara Sharp, published by Second Crossing Investment Corporation, 2010, 37 pages, $17.95