CBT sets strategic priorities

Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) has finalized its 2011-2015 Strategic Priorities. The priorities provide overarching direction for CBT in terms of delivering benefits to communities, pursuing investment activities and managing its corporate operations in the Columbia Basin region.

“To know what success looks like in terms of helping Basin communities meet their needs, we need to know where we’re heading,” Neil Muth, CBT President and CEO said in a statement. “These priorities provide a road map that guides our direction for the next four years and helps to ensure residents understand how our resources are being used to fulfill our mandate.”

In developing the priorities, CBT considered what it had accomplished in relation to its 2007-2010 priorities and what themes and issues had emerged from Basin communities, or were likely to emerge. A draft set of strategic priorities were prepared based on that information and CBT sought feedback from residents on nine priorities in areas such as social, economic, environment, youth, water, community, investment, human resources and sustainability.

The priorities are available online at www.cbt.org, at any CBT office or by email to cbt@cbt.org. They form part of the Columbia Basin Management Plan (CBMP). The CBMP also includes CBT’s Charter, which outlines CBT’s vision, mission and core values.

CBT delivers economic, social and environmental benefits to the residents of the Columbia Basin. To learn more about CBT programs and initiatives, visit www.cbt.org or call 1.800.505.8998.