Yo-yo dieting contributes to bone loss

Weight loss can often lead to bone loss, especially in people who go through cycles of losing weight and then gaining it back, says an expert in the field

“Many people lose bone mass when they lose weight,” says Phyllis Edwards, certified bone densitometry technologist and nutritionist with Bio-Imaging Osteoporosis Outreach Services.  “This pattern for losing weight can jeopardize your bone health in later life, particularly if you already have risk factors for osteoporosis.  This includes men.”

She said in a statement that high-protein diets have been suspect, yet protein is an essential component for building a strong and flexible bone matrix.  Vegetarian diets that do not properly combine amino acids can also set the stage for rapid bone loss.  The importance in a high-protein diet seems to be in the food choices that are made to substitute carbohydrates.

“Studies are showing that if we replace carbs with high-calcium foods and foods high in anti-oxidants, bone mineral content and bone density can actually increase,” says Edwards.

The study she referred to, also revealed that members of the test group following a high-carb diet showed a decline in bone health over a 12-month period, while bone density in the higher-protein group increased in the lumbar spine and the femur, the statement said.

Edwards has been conducting bone density screening for over 15 years, 12 of those spent travelling throughout western Canada with her mobile ultrasound testing unit.  “I have seen many people reverse the condition of osteoporosis,” says Edwards, ‘I see what works.”

Edwards will be sharing some of this information with clients at an up-coming Osteoporosis Awareness Clinic to be held at Revelstoke Pharmasave on Wednesday, October 27 .  Edwards will see individuals for an ultrasound bone-density screening test and participants can talk to a pharmacist to get their Fracture Risk Assessment.  A fee applies and pre-booking is required by calling Pharamsave at 250-837-2028