We are all in good hands

We know they are there. We know what they do. We hear the sirens that signal that they have been called to an incident requiring their skills. It isn’t until we, ourselves are that incident that they are called to that we can gain a true appreciation for what they do.

Recently I found myself involved in a car accident of a significant nature which required the expertise of the RCMP, the Revelstoke Fire Services First Responders and the Ambulance Service. Not knowing what to do beyond calling 911, I found that within what seemed like a minute, Const. Segers of the RCMP was on scene to take charge of everything. Not more than a couple minutes later the First Responders were on scene and as I had a family member in the car still with unknown injuries I was extremely concerned. I had no need to be however, as First Responders Dwayne Voykin and Sean Creighton were calm, confident and extremely professional and we knew right away we were in good hands. Witnessing the teamwork between the RCMP, the First Responders and the Ambulance attendants was like watching the workings of a well oiled machine. Having the First Responders in attendance so quickly with their skills was extremely comforting. They were able to take charge of the care of any injuries between the time of the accident and the time the ambulance arrived and provide calm support to the injured.

Yes, Revelstoke is a small town, and yes it is what we all like to think of as the best place to live. We never expect ourselves to be in a situation that requires emergency services to attend, but it is the best feeling in the world to find yourself in a terrible, overwhelming situation and have local faces show up with the training and a calm, confident demeanor to take care of you.

Thank you to everyone who drove by and offered to stop and help that day by Southside. Thank you Const. Segers for your assistance. Thank you so very much Dwayne Voykin and Sean Creighton, I don’t know that I will ever be able to accurately describe how relieving it was to see you arrive and take charge and take care of us. Thank you also to Kelly Christy and her partner on the ambulance that day. (I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to find out the name of your partner). Thank you to hospital staff who took such good care of us that evening.

You hope that you are never in a situation where you need them, but should you find that you are, we are all in very good hands.

Gail Ferguson