Two Revelstokians murdered in Alberta

By David F. Rooney

Two Revelstokians — Jimmy Armillotta, 27, and Fil Kedzior, 21 — were shot to death on Thursday, allegedly by a third Revelstokian, in a house near Cold Lake, Alta.

According to reports out of Alberta, police received a telephone tip of a suspicious person with a gun lurking around a rural home shortly after 1 a.m. Thursday. They responded and after investigation were led to another rural residence where the bodies of Armillotta and Kedzior were discovered. Both young men had been shot to death.

Police arrested 18-year-old Brandon Cruickshank and charged him with first-degree murder. He is to appear in Cold Lake Provincial Court on Oct. 27. Cold Lake is 300 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.

Doris Stapleton, a civilian media relations officer with the RCMP’s K Division in Alberta, confirmed Sunday that all three men “had a connection to Revelstoke.” The investigation is continuing.