The scariest house in town

Every year the Walford’s turn their home into a haunted house with all the ghastly trimmings. Here’s a sample of what awaited all the trick-or-treaters this year:

Every Hallowe'en Linda Walford, helped by her husband James, create scary magic on their front porch and lawn. Linda has been creating scenes of horror for the past 20 years. At first she made the scary figures herself but has gradually been purchasing fantasy figures like a zombie who sit up in his grave, a flashing-eyed witch and a corpse who takes his head off. Laura Stovel photo

Jonathan Walford puts on a scary face as he prepares for Hallowe'en night. Laura Stovel photo
A witch with flashing eyes on the Walford porch. Laura Stovel photo
Pumpkin Seoha Lee and panda Nora Olsson enter the Walford cemetery for trick or treating. Laura Stovel photo