Thanks dog-owner extraordinaire!

The simple action of one man has impacted the lives of many. Thank you Mike Dragani, dog owner extraordinaire, for quietly and single-handedly re-opening the wetland trails.  A summer of high waters that flooded over the river grass and low benches forced me and other dog owners to exercise Fido and FiFi on city streets or the blackbelt (paved path around Downie Mill).

Frustrated with the dearth of accessible off leash trails, Mike decided to take along his gas-powered weed whacker on his outings with his new-ish dog Miss Roxy, and do something about it.

For days he powered through kilometres of impassable trails, cutting back the waist high grass until the gas tank was empty, re-claiming the loops and switchbacks the dogs love so well.

You who walk your dogs daily know of where I speak and I’m sure you are as grateful and delighted as I am.  Once more we can access the pristine paths that take us out of the mundane into the world of osprey, gulls, landlocked salmon, hunting hawks and eagles and the gorgeous 360 views seen only from that magical spot.

Mike, your action has indeed made a difference. It symbolizes for me what a wonderful, caring community we live in.  I thank you, my dog thanks you, and Jaxon, Jay Jay, King, Ooshka, Tuura, Tia, Cody-Beara and the Fou Fous send pup-kisses.


Barbara Little and ‘Lucky Dog Walks’