Special Olympics re-start fizzles

Special Olympics BC representative Leslie Thornley (right) was undeterred by the apparent lack of interest shown by Revelstokians to the possible resurrection of the Special Olympics program here. Cassie Brummitt (left), Chuck Ferguson and Tony Bucavoz were the only people who attended a volunteer night at the Community Centre. David F. Rooney photo

By David F. Rooney

An attempt to resurrect the Special Olympics program in Revelstoke fizzled Tuesday evening when virtually only three people showed up at a Volunteers Night held by the provincial organization.

“We’ll just have to find a different way to reach people,” said Leslie Thornley, regional field manager for Special Olympics BC.

Thornley said she was undeterred by the apparent lack of interest in the Special Olympics program, which offers organized sports for disabled children.

“If we can get people in the door to see what we can offer we can get it working,” she said. “We know there are people here who can benefit from it. We’ll just keep chipping away at it.”

Revelstoke did once have an active Special Olympics program for about 25 children but volunteer burnout decimated the ranks of its organizers and the kids who were enrolled in it grew up.

Thornley said she only needs a volunteer board of five to eight people to get things rolling once again and she’d love to find the people to do it.

“We can get coaches,” she said. “We need a board.”

Anyone interested in giving disabled kids a chance to enjoy some sports should call Leslie Thornley, Special Olympics BC Regional Field Manager, at 250-317-1272 or send her an e-mail at lthornley@specialolympics.bc.ca.